Model 3500

Heavy Duty Post Mount Model

Swing gates up to 20 feet @ 800 lbs.  5 Year Limited Factory Warranty

The Model 3500 uses the exact same drive train and motor as our Top of the Line model 3000 and includes the same features.  The only difference is the way this unit mounts during installation.  The installation kit includes a heavy metal 2.5" square tube mounting bracket.  This bracket adapts to a 4" (minimum size, round or square) metal gate post.  The unit also can open your gate up to 130 degrees and will close your gate automatically.  There are three 3/4" PVC conduit mounting holes across the back of the unit for installation of electrical or access control wiring.

We reduced the weight and length specs, since you are attaching the operator directly to the gatepost and not to its own concrete foundation.

You get the same performance and the same 5 Year Limited Warranty as the Model 3000, but the time involved to install the unit is greatly reduced as an added value.  This allows a complete system to be installed in one day.  No need to wait for concrete to cure.  Once you have installed one of these units. you will see its potential.  This is an awesome product!


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