Model 4000 

Residential Slide Model

Slide gates up to 25 feet @ 800 lbs.

3 Yer Limited Factory Warranty

The Model 4000 is a work horse and extremely simple in its design.  External magnetic limit switches control the distance the gate travels.  The direct drive motor includes an automatice brake.  The systems quick-disconnect is easily accessible under a metal, locable cover.

The main drive sprocket works in conjunction with two idler sprockets, so the chain attaches at the same elevation either side of the gate.  The battery compartment sits underneath the motor and circuitry, allowing easy access during maintenance.

A battery pan is included so the battery doesn't have to sit on a concrete pad and the pan allows for easier conduit locations.

The operator circuit board will accept safety loop inputs, photo eyes, and any access control rated for 12 Volts DC.  The built-in auto reverse feature is easily adjustable for different lengths of gates.  The best durable power coat finish is applied to every unit.  The unit is simply designed, easy to maintain, and built to last!

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