Model 2500 

Model 2500Planetary Gear Post Mount

Swing gates up to 14 feet @ 350 lbs.

3 Year Limited Factory Warranty

The model 2500 utilizes a planetary gear design that makes this residential gate operator the most unique in our product line and by far the safest product on the market today.  The force that it takes to stall this motor is not enough to hurt anyone.  yet, it will open your gate easily even through windy conditions.  This motor draws half the current of any other motor, and you can hardly tell its running because it is so quiet.  Consider this, when we tested these motors during the development stages, we could not wear them out!

Requirements for using this product are that the gate cannot exceed the weight of 350 lbs., the length of 14 feet, and must swing level and free withouth the support of any wheel.  Gates can swing open up to 130 degrees and will close automatically.  This gate operator is also designed to also easy to replace.  When this happens, most gate openers will need major repair or must be replaced, and that's costly.  This product is the easiest of all to install, easy to service, and designed to last you a lifetime. Now, that's value! 

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