Model 3000 Gate Motor

Model 2500Our Top of the Line Model

Swing gates up to 25 feet @ 1000lbs.

5 Year Limited Factory Warranty.

The Model 3000 utilizes a worm driven helical cut gear with a 100:1 gear ratio and a chain driven motor, this unit is quiet and extremely smooth in operation.  Bronze bushing sleeves eliminate wear on the solid 2" output shaft that attaches the arm to the bottom of the gate.  Gates can swing open up to 130 degrees and will close automatically.  This unit typically mounts to a concrete pad but can also bolt onto the top of a 6"steel post set in concrete using our flange plate adaptor kit (part# 505).  


This unit will not only swing a long and heavy gate, but it will out perform any gate opener you will find on the market today.

 Additional features of this unit include a no pinch point arm set, reverse on contact circuitry, adjustable open and close mechanical limit switches, easy lubrication points, and a lockable heavy gauge steel cover.  The unique arm set provides a lockable quick disconnect allowing the arm to stay attached at all times.  Spend the additional money to have peace of mind.  You won't regret it!


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